1. Lost World

From the recording For The 99

A song about so much more than survival . . .
Yes there is rainbow . . . all around


I was living in a lost world
Drowning in a sea of doubt
I was feeling like a lonely little girl
Hurting only wanting out
Like a little child

I came to a river running wild
Laid my head upon the shore
Thought it was the end of the line
Nothing left worth living for
Like a little child

With so many questions
Swirling all around
Like where can my rainbow be found?

I’m still living in a lost world
Too many people looking down
So many lost souls
Only wanting to be found
Like a little child

To every question
Answers can’t always be found
But there is a rainbow all around

I’m still living in a lost world
But the light gets out so I can see
With the blue in your eyes
And my dreams reminding me
I’m just a child
Living in a lost world
But I’m livin’

words & music ©2018 by Sharleen Leahey
August Echo Music (bmi) • All rights reserved
Vocals & Guitar: Sharleen Leahey
Bass & Synthesizer: Kilday