On Saturday, October 17, 2015 over 15 activists attended a songs4peace concert and lecture in Central New Jersey. The event began with a set of original and passionate songs in defense of the Earth by Penn Johnson. The music was followed by a powerpoint presentation by Rita Yelda, Food And Water Watch's Senior Organizer in New Jersey. Rita explained how the process of hydraulic fracturing poisons huge amounts of water with many known and unknown chemicals. Some of the toxic waste is radioactive. Rita urged us all to band together with others and join the growing movement to stop the fracking waste being shipped into our state. In addition Rita reported on her involvement in the successful struggle which resulted in a fracking ban being passed into law and signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in NY State. She encouraged all in attendance to get more involved and enlist others to build on the victory in New York State. Here in New Jersey she urged us to demand local bans on the waste at the municipal level as we continue to push for an eventual ban on the dangerous practice at the state and national levels.

With the generous support of our activist friends from several counties in New Jersey we raised funds to support Food and Water Watch as the organization continues to grow the movement against fracking throughout our region. In addition we raised funds for independent performer Penn Johnson to help him continue on a northeast tour of the US to share music and raise consciousness on the urgency for a  clean energy future.

We send strength and blessings to those on the front lines defending our precious Mother Earth and the resources all of us need to live here.

shalom . . . salaam . . . peace


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PENN JOHNSON will be performing for a Bernie Sanders for President rally in Boston later this year! You can listen to his music and contact him at: