1. Good People

From the recording For The 99

First chorus after the drone verse ended up being an instrumental

Sometimes there are no words


Suburban high school Rocky Mountain way
A couple of angry boys killed twelve classmates
The neighbors say the parents are to blame
And we thought they were good people

Drone over Afghanistan
A village laid waste
The pilot can’t get hurt ten thousand miles away
Nintendo death the modern military way
Brought by the good people

I was feeling so distressed I went to the hospital
“Here now” the doctor said
“Just take these pills
How else can you expect to get well well well . . .
And be like the good people?”

Birds fly o’er my jealous eyes
Beyond the rain and the lies

Homeless on the street
An old woman stripped of pride
Half a block from the new boutiques
She’s standing on a church breadline
This ain’t the ’30s
It’s the new millennium time
Where are the good people?

words & music ©2018 by Sharleen Leahey
August Echo Music (bmi) • All rights reserved
Vocals & Guitar: Sharleen Leahey
Synthesizer: Kilday