Folk Rock For The  99
passionate music for personal & planetary transformation

I've found you a thousand times . . . I guess you've done the same
And then we lose each other . . . It's just like a children's game

'For the 99' Band: (l-r) Billy on bass, Linda on djembe, Shar, Diane on Flute n Sax and special guest Amy Clarkson on keyboard. photo by Joe Galacki

Peoples Voice Café in NYC – Concert to Celebrate International Women's Day on March 10, 2020 (before the Covid madness set in)

Sharleen & Linda (back) performing with Pete Seeger at the Clearwater Sloop Club Pumpkin Festival, Beacon, NY – October 2012 . . . our last time together.

Songs are seeds . . . spread them widely . . .. you never where they're gonna take root. 
–Pete Seeger